Cookies & Analytics

Cookies are used in many different ways and many of them improve users’ experience of the web. From a visitor’s point of view, cookies essentially enable the site to be a more personalised experience (for example, by allowing a visitor to fill up a shopping cart or to remembering their preferences or registration details for a future visit).

Cookies can also be used to benefit you, as the owner of the website, as cookies can assess the popularity of the different
pages of your site. Cookies achieve this by tracking the actions of almost every visitor to the site. The data that can be
tracked includes:

  • which external site they came from to arrive at your site;
  • which page they landed on when they first entered your site;
  • which pages they viewed on your site (and in which order they viewed those pages);
  • which links they clicked on;
  • how much time they spent on each page; and
  • on what page they were when they exited your site.

Collating this data into useable information forms the basis of web analytics. Effective use of web analytics can provide you with an in-depth understanding of how people interact with your site and in particular lets you know which pages are the most popular and conversely which are the least popular and how this changes over time. This knowledge enables the website to be improved by focussing on what visitors respond well to and avoiding what they dont’. By adapting your website in accordance with this information, your website’s content can be tailored to target your visitors’ specific needs leading to a better conversion ratio.

We are able to perform the analytics on your current website with the proper integrations in place and should you choose to use our monthly SEO services, we will closely monitor and react to the analytic data provided for your site and build customised reports to facilitate this process, As you have Google Analytics in place, with access, we can assess whether this was configured correctly.

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